Hoodie, games and pizza night (Women)

On the 6th of February we will be organising an evening for the ladies. The evening has hoodies in the title because of the comfy dress code. We would like you to come wearing your most comfortable clothes and enjoy the evening with us.

There will be drinks and snacks but the main dish of the night will be pizza. During the night we will be competing in teams playing old school Dutch games. Games such as ‘Koekhappen’ and ‘Ezeltje prikje’. The evening will also give you a chance to meet new people and possibly even start new friendships!

So are you in for a game night in your hoodie? Would you like to meet new people on and off campus? And do you love food, snacks and especially pizza? Then sign up and we’ll see you there In shaa Allah!


Feb 06 2020




Tilburg University