“Pray in your homes”

As of now, we are in the last ten days of Ramadan which means we still have a chance to get the most out of this beautiful month. We have witnessed how the call to prayer from mosques has changed from “Come to prayer” to “Pray at your homes” which shows the current state of the world.

It goes without saying that the doors of the mosques are still closed which is a great loss to us all. The mosque was the place where we would come together as a community, where we would find our elderly and exchange words with them, where we would search for knowledge and where our hearts would find peace. To make these last days of Ramadan -that we have been forced to spend in seclusion- beneficial and to strengthen our relationship with our Creator, MSA Tilburg has set up an online Webinar.

What does our religion say about pandemics such as this one? How do we experience a mosqueless Ramadan? How do we make the most of these last days of Ramadan? We will go through these and many other questions during this Webinar. Are you curious to hear insights from Ustadh Yahya Raaby and do you perhaps have questions yourself? Then don’t wait any longer and sign up! There are limited spots available!


May 17 2020


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm