On the university campus, when you are searching for halal food, you will find that there are various options on and around campus. Below you will find a few locations of which we are aware that there are Halal options. 


On campus

  1. Mensa Restaurant (Vegetarian and vegan options)
  2. Top Croque (Halal options)
  3. Rey’s Mixdishes (Fully Halal)
  4. Albert Heijn: Professor de Moorplein (Halal section)

Around campus

  1. Afrah Bakery (Fully Halal)
  2. Mixx Broodjes (Halal options)

Wanting to wander off of the campus in a halal food direction? Then Tilburg is a nice city with enough halal options in different world cuisines. You can always ask for halal certificates when you are in doubt.

Do you have a Halal tip? Let us know, so we can add it to the list!