The centrally located Zwijsen Building includes a prayer room specifically catered to Muslims on its first floor.

A welcoming retreat for all seeking to fulfill their daily prayers or those looking for a moment of serenity.

Equipped with prayer mats and ablution areas, the Prayer Room accommodates diverse needs, providing comfort for personal prayer and reflection.

Kindly adhere to the guidelines found at the Zwijsen Building to preserve the sanctity of the Prayer Room, creating a harmonious environment for all visitors.


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Jummah Prayer

Regrettably, the prayer room has limited capacity, and as a result, we are unable to accommodate congregational Jummah prayers here. 

In order to ensure that you have the opportunity to participate in the Jummah prayer with a larger congregation, we kindly recommend that you consider attending one of the below mosques in the area. These mosques have the necessary facilities and space to accommodate a greater number of worshippers during the Jummah prayer.