Weekly Lesson 23-04-2021


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During this week’s Weekly Lessons the theme will be ‘Ramadan Special’ and the topic will be ‘Life lessons from the Qur’an part 1’.

But what are the Weekly Lessons? The Weekly Lessons are a recurring event where subjects from a psychological, philosophical, and Islamic perspective will be discussed. During these lessons, you can listen to interesting takes from the teacher but active participation and sharing your point of view is also encouraged.

Where are the Weekly Lessons given? Under normal circumstances, the Weekly Lessons would take place at the University of Tilburg. But because of the current situation, the Weekly Lessons will be given via Zoom.

Who can join? Everyone can join our Weekly Lessons!

Why should you come? The Weekly Lessons give you the chance to learn practical lessons from the holy Qur’an and to build a network and friendships.

Event Details

Date: April 23, 2021

Start time: 16:00

End time: 17:00