‘The Islamic and academic identity are inseparable.’


‘Educating and empowering Muslim students of today to be citizens of tomorrow’s world.’

Compass to the emergence:

Previously, the (Islamic) student life was a black and white picture that still had to be coloured. We saw that the (Muslim) student led a robotic life between school and work, and that the (Muslim) student was feeling blue. On campus the Muslim students walked past each other in spite of the common denominator they all shared, Islam. 

This is how we saw an international student in the library who was sad during the month of Ramadan. She was feeling homesick and felt more alone than ever during the holy month. To fill this emptiness and loneliness she was looking for an Islamic community, but could not find it on campus. Just like this international student, there were many other (international) students who also felt the need for a unity on campus and a representative organ to translate the interests and needs of Muslim students into concrete goals. We responded to this need.

Come 2016, MSA Tilburg was founded by a few students. Within a short period of time, we grew enormously as an organisation. In addition to representing the interests of (Muslim) students, we now proudly provide academic lectures, social events, courses and weekly dialogues.

Come as you are:

As a student you are often perceived as a number. At MSA Tilburg we find it important that you feel seen and heard. Creating a personal bond with our audience is important for this reason. Together we form a voice for the (Muslim) student. Because of our distinctive vision and unique view as students, we distinguish ourselves as an Islamic student association from other student associations. This is also reflected in the cultural diversity within the organisation of which we are enormously proud and also among the visitors to our activities.

As a registered student organisation at Tilburg University, we strive to represent the interests and needs of Muslim students on campus. Our association originated from the need to have a voice for Muslim students on campus. MSA Tilburg strives to represent the Muslim students on campus. However, we do not limit ourselves to the accessibility of (Muslim) students in Tilburg. On a daily basis, we strive to advocate for the interests of students in general, regardless of religion, origin and location. Our focus is to help students develop on an Islamic and academic level. We seek to create a platform where Muslim students can unite.

‘Hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become dividend.’